Why Columbia College?

Be empowered
Your growth is our priority, and you’ll find leadership opportunities all over campus. You’ll also have a faculty advisor, a community mentor, and a career coach encouraging you the moment you set foot on campus.
Engage and grow
Your professors will engage with you beyond the classroom by helping you design research projects, go after internships, and travel to conferences. The breadth of your experiences here will set you up for success after college.
Experience community
Here you’ll have an intimate campus to call home, a bustling city to explore, and a close-knit network of alumnae and friends when you leave.
Get a great value
Ninety-nine percent of our students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, financial aid, loans, and student work, making the net cost of a personalized, private education at Columbia College more affordable than many public schools.
Celebrate the best in you and the best in women
A Columbia College experience empowers the individual and celebrates the success of every woman. True to our Methodist roots, we care about social justice.